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Recruitment Ai.

Thanks to technology learning from big data sets & recruiters' behaviour,
it's possible to save 70% of your time when finding the best talent.

Agregaator, Ai. ja Pipeline
Talent Collector

Gets all your talent pools in one place:
public sources & own database
Profile matching Ai.

Artificial intelligence rates and
lines up best candidates in seconds
Candidate Funneling

Selected candidates easily managed
in recruitment pipeline (ATS)

Pricing kirjeldus

Three simple solutions for using the magic of Skillific.

+ Fast onboarding
+ All basic features

+ All basic features
+ Customer management
+ Integrating own existing database

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Tailor Made

+ All basic features
+ Multi-unit support
+ Integrating own existing database
+ Custom features

I'm a Talent
I'm a Talent
Choose a job you love and
you will never have to work a
day in your life
Make it Happen